Hawaii’s Fresh Flowers Impress Recipients Throughout the United States

Many people understandably consider Hawaii to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. The state’s beaches, mountains, and waters definitely contribute to this deserved reputation.

Another thing that sets Hawaii apart from so many other scenic places, though, is the flora endemic to the islands. Hawaii is home to many tropical flowers whose appeal cannot be matched by blossoms found almost anywhere else. With companies like Alii Flowers being ready to ship Fresh flowers and leis from Hawaii to any US state, enjoying the best the islands have to offer is always an option.

Many Ways to Experience a Taste of Hawaii Elsewhere in the United States

Visitors to Hawaii often receive flowery leis as soon as they arrive. This traditional type of greeting has become synonymous with Hawaii in the minds of people the world over.

It is not necessary to actually set foot in Hawaii to enjoy that same type of experience. Some of the kinds of fresh flowers that are most often shipped from Hawaii to other parts of the country include:

Anthurium. The anthurium was introduced to Hawaii from elsewhere, but it has since become a universally appreciated member of the state’s endemic flora. While it was an Englishman surnamed Damon who planted Hawaii’s first anthuriums at the end of the nineteenth century, the islands themselves have proved to be welcoming and supportive of this unique flower. Anthuriums show up in many floral arrangements that are designed to evoke tropical, welcoming feelings.

Ginger. The flowering plant ginger is probably best known for the spicy, distinctive flavor of its root. Its blossoms are every bit as appealing in their own ways, however, with elegantly shaped, colorful petals coming together in a unique arrangement. Like the anthurium and so many other flowers, ginger was not native to Hawaii. Since being introduced to the islands, however, it has become an especially characteristic floral feature.

Many More Beautiful Hawaiian Flowers Await

With these being only a couple of the types of flowers that are most often found in Hawaiian arrangements, there will always be plenty of other options to explore. Hawaii’s particularly fertile volcanic soil and hospitable climate help make it one of the best places in the world to grow different kinds of flowers. With Hawaii being so closely identified with tropical flowers in the minds of so many, having an arrangement or a lei shipped to someone special will always make for a welcome surprise.